NPL Girls League 



The NPL will be for girls only.  The girls league will run on a friday afternoon in November. Girls will play with a softball. The rules will be modified to make the experience for the girls enjoyable and social. We are wanting to incourage as many girls as possible to join up and play! 

The teams will consist of 8 players. the age limit for this tournament will be very broad. Year 5-9 girls are all welcome to play. the game will be 12 overs a side (24 overs in total). This will approximately take an hour to complete. 

The league will start on the 2 November (Friday)  and finish on the 23rd November 

Location: Harry Barker 

Time : 4pm on a Friday 

Cost: FREE 


Registration will be done differently with this league. due to it having no cost we will not be able to use the online payment system for obvious reason. 

if you are keen on signing your daughter up, we will need you to send an email to with the below details. 

Name of daughter: 




Contact Number: 

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