The Junior Competitions play on Wednesday and Saturday. There are no Junior Club teams within PBCA, which means the schools are the main source of cricket for Junior players. Players will need to sign up to play for their school team in order to play in the competitions each week. If your school doesn't have a cricket team, don't worry! You can contact PBCA and we will place you in specific school team for that season. 

The Junior Competitions consist of softball cricket and hardball cricket. Once players get to a certain age (Y5-6) they tend to out grow softball cricket and move to Hardball. Hardball is played on a Saturday morning each week. Once players get to this level, PBCA start to select Rep teams which represent the Association at a district level. These teams go away each year to compete against other districts.


PBCA also send away teams to the Riverbend competitions each January

During the Cricket season the school hardball teams challenge each other to MCC bat games. This is a historical bat that has been passed down for 80 years to the best primary hardball team in the region. Schools challenge the holders to a T20 game that is played on a week day. The winners of the bat get to keep it at there School until they lose a game.