Poverty Bay Cricket Association fields 12 Representative teams. These teams range from Senior Mens to Junior year 4/5 teams. 

Junior rep teams are selected from the school teams that compete in our local competitions. These teams train together throughout the season and compete against other regional representative teams. 

The Junior year 4/5, 6 and 7 teams compete in a national competition called Riverbend. This competition is held every January down in Hawkes Bay. It is the highlight of the season for the Rep teams involved. 

The older rep teams compete in Regional competition that are held in the December holidays. All the associations that are under the Northern District banner are involved in these competitions 

Senior Secondary Boys - Competition held in Gisborne 

Junior Secondary Boys - Competition held in Whangarei 

Primary Boys - Competition held in Cambridge

Secondary Girls - Competition held in Tauranga 

The senior men's team has been struggling for depth over the last few years and has not been able to compete with the top senior men district teams. For this reason PBCA decided to move into the Basil McBurney competition. This means that the Senior men's team will not be competing in the Fergus Hickey 2-Day competition. 

Basil McBurney - 50 over competition 

Brian Dunning - T20 competition 

The senior woman's team has had a rise in popularity over the last few years. The dedication from Mel Knight throughout the region has grown the sport in Gisborne. The girls team are a closely knit group that help run coaching events within the region, they provide a helping hand to the younger generation on a weekly basis. 

Most of the senior woman team players are still at high school. These girls make up the majority of the Secondary Girl's team too. They compete in the secondary girls competition in Tauranga in the December holidays.