Competition Cancelled


Teams are going to be structured in a franchised based system where “owners” and captains of the team will buy their players at auction night. Players will register online to be apart of the auction. Once the group of players has registered PBCA will put a price to each player. Owners will be given a specific amount of fake money to buy these players on the auction night. Owners will need to stick to the below guidelines to be able to build their perfect team.

Games will be played on a Thursday night. Starting 5:45- 6 pm (15 over game should take 2 hours)

The team names will be that of the sponsor's choice!

Team Guidelines 

Each team will have guidelines that they have to adhere to. These guide lines are put in place so that teams will be more or less even. And will also test the structure and buying power of the owner!

  • 2 players under the age of 18 have to be in starting XI (U18 player must be between ages of 16-18) 

  • 2 players over the age of 35 have to be in starting XI

  • 1 Overseas professional per a team

  • Can not have more than 5 players from one club in starting XI

  • Can not have more than 5 PBCA men’s district players in starting XI (qualification for a district player is 10 games or more in last 2 years)

  • Captains of teams count towards these guidelines.

  • Captain of team will not be bought at auction but hand picked by owners. the captain then will discuss with owner on the purchase of the team.